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Sea Duck hunting, duck hunting, goose hunting in New England including Rhode Island, Massachusetts & Maine!!

Sea duck hunting Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Maine with Ocean State Outfitters is truly an experience of a lifetime! This area of the Atlantic flyway hosts a wide variety of local and migratory sea ducks, bay ducks, divers, puddle ducks and huge Canadian Geese.Vast numbers of birds arrive from their breeding grounds north of us in Labrador, Nova Scotia and various Islands throughout the Bay of Fundy frequenting our hunting grounds. Many of these water fowl spend the greater part of fall and winter moving from inland waters, estuaries and bays around southern New England. This is due to our climate, temperature and abundance of food sources.

Whether you're looking to go sea duck hunting, duck hunting or put the hammer down on some huge Canadian Geese, Ocean State Outfitters has the prime locations and top guides to hunt Rhode Island, Massachusetts and surrounding New England areas. Our goal is to assist you in harvesting the waterfowl you need to complete your trophy room, or would just enjoy hunting. We will personalize your hunt targeting any species of duck or sea duck within our fly way.

Sea duck hunting Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Maine known as New England will not be a hunting trip soon forgotten. This area of the Atlantic flyway is truly an untapped resource that every waterfowl hunter should experience at least once in his or her career. Hunting Seasons, dates and requirements will vary depending on the state we hunt. We are happy to assist you in determining what you need prior to your arrival, feel free to contact us here at Ocean State Outfitters (OSO).